Fire In The Hole

Karl Drinkwater
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A baby left unattended. A momentary impulse.

Chloe has been shunned as an outsider, when all she wants is to care for a child. Suddenly the opportunity is right there, in front of her. Surely it’s not kidnapping if you’re full of love? A split-second decision propels her into a course of action that’s as tragic as it is irreversible.

Quick Drinks are standalone versions of Karl Drinkwater’s best-loved short stories. Discover characters to root for – and characters to dread – in tales of humanity, endurance, and spirit.

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  • Summary

  • Formats
    epub, mobi, pdf
  • Length
    Short story (6,309 words)
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  • Summary
  • Formatsepub, mobi, pdf
  • LengthShort story (6,309 words)
  • DRMNope!
  • Gumroad account needed?Nope!
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Fire In The Hole

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