Karl Drinkwater – The Complete Works!

Karl Drinkwater
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This bundle lets you buy all of Karl Drinkwater's titles in one go. A wealth of tales in various genres (dystopian space opera, dark suspense and diverse social fiction), with the only connection being that you're guaranteed compelling stories and characters worth caring about.

Not only that, but you get all the formats (including pdf, which isn't normally available to buy), DRM-free, yet still cheaper than buying the books separately! The final bonus is that more of the money goes to the author (hi!) rather than intermediaries.


Modern fiction about relationships, society, families, romance or coming of age.

It Will Be Quick, Cold Fusion 2000, 2000 Tunes


Books with a touch of darkness: thrillers, monsters or horror.

Turner, Harvest Festival, They Move Below

Lost Solace Series

Dystopian space opera involving alien Lost Ships.

Lost Solace, Chasing Solace, Hidden Solace, Raising Solace, Finding Solace (NEW!)

Lost Tales of Solace

Standalone novellas set in the Lost Solace universe.

Helene, Grubane, Clarissa, Ruabon

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From an online vendor these 15 e-books would cost £62. Buy as a single bundle here (for yourself or as a gift for a friend) and you get 20% off. Everything for only £49!

Note: if you already own one of these titles as e-books, then feel free to gift the copy from this bundle to a friend. You'll never find a big publisher giving you permission to do that! :-)

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Every book written by Karl Drinkwater

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Karl Drinkwater – The Complete Works!

2 ratings
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