Raising Solace (Book 4)

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You can’t shake hands with a clenched fist.

At the end of Hidden Solace, Athene made a promise:

I’m coming for you. Anything that stands in my way will be neutralised. Destroyed. It will be probability-manipulated out of the equation. Out of existence. It will be absolutely Sevened. Please, my precious Opal, hold on just a bit longer. I am on my way.”

The most powerful AI in the universe is coming for her friend.

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"This is book four of a series that I am enjoying more and more.
Throughout this series, Karl Drinkwater has played with ideas of race, economic disparity, personhood, and other profound issues. Those are present in this book, but more than the others this is a good old-fashioned escape book. Get out of prison, rescue your sister, run away. Those types of books can be very good or very bad depending on how they are written. This one was, in my opinion, very good. I have this mental image of the author having covered his wall with a massive architectural drawing of the Leviathan with various rooms labeled and Opal’s circuitous path following a series of dots from level to level. That journey through the Leviathan in pursuit of Aseides and in search of Clarissa takes Opal on a journey into her own past and revelations about herself that completely change what she believes to be true.
The question becomes, does knowing who you truly are change who you think yourself to be?"

"I started reading Raising Solace, I could clearly remember the events that preceded Athene's vow and Karl Drinkwater takes us straight back into the action in what is a thrilling next installment. I love Athene and Opal's relationship which is becoming stronger book by book. Athene's intricate planning is so often frustrated by Opal's intuitive spontaneity, but together this makes for an almost insurmountable team. There were several moments where I dreaded the other AI, the golden Dulcetta, getting the upper hand though so nothing is ever a given in the Lost Solace universe.
My favourite scenes are those in which Athene envisages her virtual data environment in real-world terms such as climbing an almost sheer rockface or striding across icy plains. She has such a way with words when she puts these scenes across to readers that they are gloriously evocative. The claustrophobia of being aboard Leviathan is also very effectively portrayed. This is a massive submerged vessel, in a vast expanse of water.
I appreciated how Drinkwater picked up incomplete threads from previous novels during Raising Solace. I got some of my questions answered with one particularly satisfying 'aha' moment too, and I absolutely loved the return of the little maintenance robots."
Stephanie Jane / Literary Flits

"An action packed addition to this Sci-Fi thriller
Continues the story of Opal and Clarissa
You definitely need to read the earlier books first
As this has revelations and danger at its worst.
Escaping can impossible seem
Especially when voices seem like a dream
But with a powerful AI coming to your aid
A better future could about to be made.
However there's danger on every side
Who can you trust, when should you hide?
What an enthralling fight for freedom and family
And shocking revelations that readers will see.
A brilliant read for all Sci-Fi fans like me
With surprises galore and added mystery.
I can't wait to read more of this series
To see if anything is true in my theories!
It's an enthralling read."

"Every book in this series just gets better and better, and Raising Solace is no exception. Drinkwater is the master of illusion, creating tension and fear as he pushes Opal to the limit, and far beyond. Every page takes you further into the labyrinth of his mind, and you almost can't bear to see what he'll put his poor protagonist through next.
Claustrophobic, unsettling, fast-paced, and nerve-wracking, this is a fantastic addition to the series. Highly recommend."
Helen Pryke

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Book 4 in the Lost Solace series

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Raising Solace (Book 4)

3 ratings
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