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Raising Solace (Book 4)

3 ratings
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Raising Solace (Book 4)

Karl Drinkwater
3 ratings

You can’t shake hands with a clenched fist.

At the end of Hidden Solace, Athene made a promise:

I’m coming for you. Anything that stands in my way will be neutralised. Destroyed. It will be probability-manipulated out of the equation. Out of existence. It will be absolutely Sevened. Please, my precious Opal, hold on just a bit longer. I am on my way.”

The most powerful AI in the universe is coming for her friend.

There will be answers. There will be suffering.

Ideal for fans of films like The Abyss, Underwater, and Sphere.

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"An action packed addition to this Sci-Fi thriller
Continues the story of Opal and Clarissa
You definitely need to read the earlier books first
As this has revelations and danger at its worst.
Escaping can impossible seem
Especially when voices seem like a dream
But with a powerful AI coming to your aid
A better future could about to be made.
However there's danger on every side
Who can you trust, when should you hide?
What an enthralling fight for freedom and family
And shocking revelations that readers will see.
A brilliant read for all Sci-Fi fans like me
With surprises galore and added mystery.
I can't wait to read more of this series
To see if anything is true in my theories!"

"Every book in this series just gets better and better, and Raising Solace is no exception. Drinkwater is the master of illusion, creating tension and fear as he pushes Opal to the limit, and far beyond. Every page takes you further into the labyrinth of his mind, and you almost can't bear to see what he'll put his poor protagonist through next.
Claustrophobic, unsettling, fast-paced, and nerve-wracking, this is a fantastic addition to the series. Highly recommend. "
Helen Pryke (Goodreads)

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Book 4 in the Lost Solace series

epub, mobi, pdf
Novel (67,334 words)
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