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Finding Solace (Book 5)

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Finding Solace (Book 5)

Karl Drinkwater
2 ratings

She has a family. Now it’s time to find a home.

Opal, Athene and Clarissa are finally free of Aseides’ torture ship, but the past always catches up. Their enemies remain powerful, persistent and cruel.

True escape will require more courage and strength than ever before, in order to achieve what others believed is impossible.

To go home.

Every journey has an end. But freedom comes at a price.

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"I love this series, having waited eagerly for each sequel, and this one was worth waiting for! But, as usual, there are a few surprises, one of which I still haven’t recovered from. Drinkwater is an expert at ‘expect the unexpected’, and keeps you on your toes as you follow Opal on her journey to find a home.
This series is more than simple sci-fi. In Opal, Drinkwater has created a female character you can believe in and who you care for from the beginning, and even that is surpassed by Athene, the AI on board the ship who creates a deep bond with Opal. Sometimes it’s not easy for an author to write a believable, relatable character of the opposite sex, but Drinkwater has achieved all that and more with Opal and Athene. I highly recommend this series and its side novellas, all fantastic reads that add to the richness of the story."
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Book 5 in the Lost Solace series

Novel (97,186 words)
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