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Lost Solace Five Book Edition

3 ratings

Lost Solace was a semifinalist in the international SPSFC science fiction competition in 2022.

Opal has stolen a sentient AI military craft and entered the cloud of interstellar debris surrounding a neutron star. Hidden within this cloud is a mysterious “Lost Ship” that may answer a mystery that has haunted Opal for half her life. But Lost Ships are also rumoured to host strange and horrifying forces. And can she really trust the AI?

Two novels and three novellas that span the Lost Solace universe in one luxury hardback edition:

  • Lost Solace
  • Chasing Solace
  • Helene
  • Grubane
  • Clarissa

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“Two delightfully strong female protagonists. One is human; one is AI. The dialogue between them is priceless: sometimes snarky, sometimes comforting, all times entertaining.”
— Into The Abyss

“Epic SciFi at its best.”
— Koeur’s Book Reviews

“I loved the two strong female leads who make split second decisions from limited options, showing true grit and resilience.”
— Jera’s Jamboree

“Intelligent science fiction: much, much smarter than your typical run-and-gun sci-fi romp.”
— High Fever Books

“Thrilling space horror with an unconventional female friendship at the core.”
— Banshee Irish Horror Blog

“I loved this book. It’s fast, scary, dark at times, and features a young woman I grew to admire and root for in her quest.”
— Brew and Books Review

“A fantastic sci-fi horror with an incredibly strong and memorable female protagonist. It’s a perfect example of why science fiction and horror go together so well.”
— The Behrg

“An action-packed story line that doesn’t let you pause for breath, a flawed, female protagonist you can’t help liking, and a ship AI that seems almost human.”
— Pink Quill Books

“A cracking read, evoking the horror worlds of space such as Alien, Pandorum or Event Horizon.”
— Altered Instinct

“Opal is a fantastic character: complex, heroic, loyal, strong and long long overdue in fiction.”
— So Many Books, So Little Time

“A perfect balance of sci-fi and horror. I cannot emphasise how much I loved this book.”
— Life Of A Nerdish Mum

“Clarissa brings a really interesting AI side to the whole thing.”
— Popular Science

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Lost Solace Five Book Edition

3 ratings
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