Book Cover Design

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I really enjoy designing book covers in a range of styles and genres. If you'd like me to design one for you, then you're in the right place!

Why Me?

I'm an author myself, so not only am I aware of what's going on in the independent publishing industry, but I know exactly what it's like to love your books and want the best for them!

I also do 3D rendered artwork and characters. So - when appropriate - we can come up with characters, poses, backgrounds, spaceships and so on to better fit your vision. By combining them with stock photos, filters and effects, you can end up with something really distinctive. It is also ideal for a series, where you want to have a custom character on each cover, but not limited to the few poses and expressions available on the stock imagery sites.

And, talking of series, I offer a discount for multiple books - see below for more information.


Once you've paid I will contact you at my first opportunity. You can always email me at

First we'll discuss your book and what you have in mind. I recommend looking at books in your genre, and making notes of any that you really like. You can share them with me as ideas.

If it looks like we're a good fit then we'll go ahead (and if not, you'll get a full refund!). You can then give me the details for your cover: author name, title, tagline (optional) etc. If you ordered a paperback cover we'll also discuss the ISBN, page count, and back cover description.

I'll then build a draft cover, and check if you're satisfied with where it is going, or what alterations you'd like.

Series Discount!

Do you have a series, and want to get covers for all of them at once? If so, choose a quantity at checkout (so if you have four books, enter "4"). When you get to the payment screen type "series" in the Discount code field. You'll get 25% off the whole order.

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Ebook Cover
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Audiobook Cover
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Book Cover Design

4 ratings
I want this!