Signed Bookplates

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Signed Bookplates

Karl Drinkwater
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I've been working on a bookplate sticker idea so I can sign them and post them to people where the cost of posting a signed book is prohibitive. This is something my fans have requested for a while!

A bookplate is normally a sticker in a book saying "This book belongs to ..." or similar. But, obviously, the concept can be altered so that a book's author signs one. I have readers all around the world. They often want signed copies of my books (especially whatever title is their favourite). But books are expensive to post because they are heavy! It's not unusual for one of my book parcels to the US or Canada to cost $40 or more. This way, my fan can order the books from a local bookshop or online store, and get free or cheap postage (as the books would be printed in their country). Then they can just order these signed bookplates to stick inside, and save themselves $30+ (to spend on yet more books!) I'm always looking for ways to look after my fans.

In terms of size, I worked out what would fit on a title page over my printed name, without obscuring the book title or colophon. Though, of course, you can stick it inside the cover or wherever you like! If people like these then I may do other sizes or styles as well. We'll see.

Note that I went for the most environmentally friendly option (recycled paper with no coatings). Printed ones will never be as vibrant as the base image - have a look at the second image for how they appear in the physical world.


Decide how many bookplates you want. The first is £1; each additional one is 50p. Work out the total and enter it in the "Name a fair price" box. (Tips optional!) At the point of payment, it should convert prices to your own currency.

Postage costs will be added, but since this will just count as a standard letter, it won't be anything crazy! Currently £1 for the UK, £2 for Europe and the rest of the world.

Once you've paid I will contact you at my first opportunity to confirm things. You can always email me at karl@karldrinkwater.uk

I'll sign the bookplates, though if you have any requests (a message, or even to leave some blank!) just let me know. There is room for a small personalised message on them. Either way, I'll email you to confirm everything before putting your package together.

Optional: send me a photo of the bookplate in its final home, inside your book! I may add them as examples.

I want this!
Rectangle with rounded corners
99 x 68 mm
Recycled paper
No varnish