Book Cover: SciFi 001

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Book Cover: SciFi 001

Karl Drinkwater

This is a one-of-a-kind e-book cover.

Note that the preview banners show two different layouts - I can easily tweak your cover to either design. It's your choice. :-)

Once you've paid and selected any add-ons I will contact you at my first opportunity. You can then give me the details for your cover: author name, title, tagline (optional) etc. I'll then build those into the cover instead of the placeholder ones. You will get to see the result, and if you're happy then the final images can be created and sent to you.

If you ordered a paperback cover we'll also discuss the ISBN, page count, and back cover description.

Or just buy the base art! Note that the image as a book cover has been cropped to fit, and the resolution lowered to the standard 300DPI. However, if you want the base artwork without any size limits or text, then you can buy it! We'll discuss what aspect ratio and resolution you want and I'l provide that file and remove this book cover from sale. You will own all rights to the image, so can print it, sell it, use it in designs or book covers and so on. Make it a one-of-a-kind framed art piece in your home or office! Note that I can make small tweaks to the image at the same time - just discuss it with me.

If you have questions or you have difficulties purchasing, just email me at karl@organicapocalypse.co.uk and I'll sort it out.

I want this!
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