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Author of dystopian space opera, dark suspense and diverse social fiction. Compelling stories and characters worth caring about.

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Karl Drinkwater
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"Hey Karl, I bought your books and loved them. I left reviews. I read them again. I told the world how great they were. I bought copies for my best friend/romantic interest/family/neighbour/colleague/dog [delete as appropriate]. I already signed up to be informed of new books. I even wear the T-shirt. I know you love to do final edits in a cafe or pub. Can I buy you a drink to help speed along the process of creating the next book?"

Who am I to argue? :-)

Just hit the Monthly sub button if you want to buy me a cup of tea, coffee, pint of beer ... or glass of water (which is obviously what I drink all day long). Add extra if you want to include a piece of cake. Cancel the sub if it's a one off. If you want to buy me a cuppa for a few months, leave it running. If you want to buy me drinks for a year in one go, that's an option too! No account needed, just pay by card.

I'll be extra grateful, and hopefully be able to say thanks with extra content, interaction, freebies, mentions in acknowledgements, first looks at my new books, or maybe even a signed copy. Who knows? At the very least, you will unlock posts and offers that are restricted to those who bought me a drink. You'll recognise those emails because they'll say "(Paid Subscribers Only)" at the end of the subject.

New bonus: pay at least £4 a month / £40 a year, and you will get a free ebook copy of every new book I release while your subscription is active.

If you ended up here by mistake and just want to be informed of my new releases and news then just enter your email at

Note: depending on your country, VAT may be added by Gumroad. I have lots of powers, but unfortunately overriding the Dark Forces of Tax is not one of them.


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