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Lost Solace - Semifinalist!

I said I'd use this list to inform people of new releases or major announcements, so here is a short post in the latter category while I am still buzzing.

This year a new competition is taking place, the SPSFC. More details on their website, but basically 300 SF books enter, and ten teams of judges go through them and whittle them down to a 100 (ten from each team of judges). Lost Solace was entered and went into File770's list of books to judge. I was pretty hopeful from their positive Lost Solace review that I'd be in their top ten. Huh, turns out I was a stage behind in my head - not only have all the teams picked their top tens, they've also done the next stage, whittling thirty books down to their top 3 - and Lost Solace was in that top three! So Lost Solace is officially a semifinalist in the inaugural SPSFC. Wow!

You can find all the books each judging team looked at, and their final picks, here. It makes a good reading list to pick from if you enjoy SF!

300 books entered, only 30 remain in the Thunderdome. The next phase (until July) will whittle them down to 10 in a MasterBlaster showdown as every judging team reads every book. Fingers crossed for Lost Solace!

As an aside, progress is going well on Lost Solace book 3: Finding Solace. Over 100,000 words written so far, and some stuff in there that I've never tried before in fiction. But I never rush a book, so if you need more Lost Solace in the meantime and have already read Lost Solace and Chasing Solace, then make sure you track down the spin-off novellas to tide you over! Thank you for your support. :-)


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Alyson Tyler

Congrats on reaching the semi-finalist stage!

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Karl DrinkwaterCreator

Thank you!

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Karl! Insane, man! Not exactly too surprising, I admit, but absolutely AWESOME news and wonderful to see you getting the kind of recognition you deserve. Amazing and so cool, bro!

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Karl DrinkwaterCreator

Cheers mate! :-)

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