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Audiobooks Available Again - Plus, A Request For Help

My four audiobooks (all performed by wonderful professional narrators) haven't been available for some time as the distributors changed. Good news: they are now available again, and at even more audiobook stores than previously!

To celebrate, I have set the launch prices at the minimum, $1, in the hopes of getting them noticed at the start. For $1, on many major platforms, to keep forever, they are crazy value! It also means people without much money have a chance to pick up some quality audiobooks.

Note: that price only applies to some stores. For example, Audible/Amazon won't let publishers set their own prices. Also, the reduction has yet to reach all of the stores: if they haven't updated yet, check back in a week.

These links allow you to see the current audiobook vendors where you can buy each title (choose the Audiobook option, then "Get It Now"):

A Heartfelt Request To Audible Users!

A downside of the transition has been that my audiobooks - which had loads of good reviews on Audible (and Amazon) - have lost all their reviews. 🙁 Back to square one after years of seeing them build up.

Since many people won't risk money on something that has no reviews, this means the books can end up dead in the water. Without reviews they don't sell; without sales they get no reviews. To make matters worse, the single new review on is a bizarre one that trashes Lost Solace, so is the only rating and review prospective purchasers see! I don't know if some people like to leap in and do that on books with no reviews so that they can have an effect on the world and damage someone's livelihood, but it really does have a massive impact. Famous authors with a legion of fans are immune to that kind of troll, but lesser-known authors like me tend to be badly affected. It's dispiriting, to be sure.

So, my request.

If you use Audible and have spare credits (or want to sign up for a free account and get some!), please consider adding Lost Solace to your account and leaving a positive rating, and maybe a few kind words. Obviously I'd love ratings or reviews on all my books there, but Lost Solace is the one that will suffer the most because of the current single review which ends with "Skip this one, you can find better free stories on any audio platform available." And the heading of that review, which is the first thing you see, is: "Author should give up writing"! As a full-time author who crafts each book over a lengthy period of time and has received glowing reviews (Lost Solace is even a semifinalist in the SPSFC at present!) that smarts.

These are the direct Audible links.

Likewise, if you know of anyone who uses Audible and might like my works, I'd be grateful if you could share the word.

Thank you if you can help! 🙂 Please do reply and let me know if you can do anything. Not only do I love to hear from my friends, but I'd want to thank you personally. It's been a bit of a rough week for various reasons, including this, so I'm hugely grateful to people who help me out.

The Final Word

Finally, my Kickstarter for Lost Solace books 3-5 is still active. If you want to support the creation of those books, please have a look.


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