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Karl Drinkwater’s Horror Collection Reanimates Like A Zombie

My hand, holding the cursed object recovered from the tomb of death (cue evil laughter)

My Horror Collection had only ever existed as an e-book compilation, but now (thanks to a Kickstarter) it also exists as a luxury hardback! This photo shows the first copy to crawl from the grave. It has a wraparound sleeve cover showing a banshee in a graveyard, with the lighthouse from Turner on the rear; but there is also a secret cover underneath, showing ... something else. Yep, just like the Lost Solace Five Book Edition hardback, it has a surprise for fans.

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A Book Recommendation

I often ask people who enjoy my work to please leave reviews, but I practise what I preach and always shout about works that impress me. I really enjoyed the book There Is No Antimemetics Division, by qntm. Read my review if you enjoy mind-bending fiction. Have you read anything recently that blew you away?

High Street Multiverse

Lastly, I normally save personal information for those who buy me a drink. However, last week I attended the High Street Multiverse Launch at The Stove. It was great to hear amazing creative pieces by the five writers (two of which I'd mentored), and a couple of people said nice things about what they'd learned from my creative writing teaching.

During a chat with me, one of the writers said they'd been reading some of my books from their library (the Lost Tales of Solace), and was aware that a ten year old kid was also working their way through the series, so they alternated in borrowing the books. So, firstly, the obvious - libraries are great places to get books! Feel free to ask your library to order my works. You can then read them for free. 🙂

But, secondly, it reminds me of this surprise from just before I moved to Scotland.

As authors, we often create an image of our ideal reader. It's tied to marketing. But it isn't always the reality. And so, even though my books are aimed at adults, I'm always fascinated to discover that I also have young fans, who escape into the world of Lost Solace. I'm happy to fuel their imaginations, too.

High Street Multiverse Launch


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Ah, the happy memories this brings me! I was nine years old when I found my first horror-themed books in the small city library while in primary school—an Alfred Hitchcock collection of creepy tales as I remember. And I haven’t slowed down since. I’ve simply progressed on to some of the best and scariest stuff I’ve ever found in your stellar works, Karl! Thanks for the memories! 😁

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Karl DrinkwaterCreator

Sounds just like me, taking horror story collections from the library, worrying that they'd refuse to issue them and say I was too young to read about werewolves and tentacled horrors!

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