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Lost Solace Books 3-5: This Summer!

Opal needs YOU!

"Hey, Karl He-who-quaffs-H2O: when will you write Lost Solace book three? Surely you have nothing better to do?"

Well, book three - Hidden Solace - is written in draft, and will be available this summer.

So will book four, Raising Solace.

And hopefully book five (Finding Solace), too!

I'm using Kickstarter to launch them, so please have a look at my campaign. Make sure you watch the video intro. Dolly says hi. :-)

Although I welcome backers (especially because the better the campaign does, the more likely it is to be promoted by Kickstarter), the books will be available to the whole world. It's just that Kickstarter backers will receive them first.

There are add-ons for the full collection. Great as a gift!

Once again: Lost Solace books 3-5 THIS SUMMER! Find out how Opal and Athene's story ends. Are you as excited as I am? :-)


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