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Lost Tales Of Solace Paperbacks

I explained last time that I am moving away from social media. Only a few days to go and I'll be leaving Instagram.

In the meantime I took a break from other work to play around with graphics. The header shows my new Lost Tales paperbacks, designed as part of a Kickstarter and now available to buy. One of the other rewards from that Kickstarter was a set of desktop backgrounds based on the covers. I created those today, and as well as sending them out to Kickstarter backers I made them available on Gumroad and popped in a few Lost Solace Opal/Athene covers too. Then while I was at it I designed some cups with the images on - the whole set is available for avid Lost Solace collectors!

I love working with images. It's one of the reasons why I'll be setting up a book cover design side business next year, aimed at fellow authors.

Which of the four characters/covers in the header image is your favourite?


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