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Publication Day: Fire In The Hole

It is publication day! The next in my Quick Drinks series is now available:

A baby left unattended. A momentary impulse.

Chloe has been shunned as an outsider, when all she wants is to care for a child. Suddenly the opportunity is right there, in front of her. Surely it’s not kidnapping if you’re full of love? A split-second decision propels her into a course of action that’s as tragic as it is irreversible.

Quick Drinks are standalone versions of Karl Drinkwater’s best-loved short stories. Discover characters to root for – and characters to dread – in tales of humanity, endurance, and spirit.

It's available to buy at these sites, or direct from me. (And the previous Quick Drink is available here.)

A Request!

If you have read and enjoyed this story in the past (it was included in It Will Be Quick) please would you consider leaving a rating or review on either Goodreads or a vendor site? It really helps when a book launches if it has a few ratings or positive words.

If you haven't read it but would like to, and would be willing to leave a rating or review afterwards, just reply to this and I'll email you a copy of it. Thanks!


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